WREN - The Origin of the Laboratory Name

Sir Christopher Wren embodies the concept of integrating different forms of knowledge and the arts to solve clinical problems that result in a clinical benefit. He was among the first to draw blood from human veins and helped developed mathematics to a fine art that could then be applied to understanding science. The “W” of Wren also embraces the name of Watson, inspiration of the basis of human DNA and role of genetics in disease.

Wren therefore symbolizes the principle of molecular genomics in understanding the architecture of disease and is exemplified by our approach of using intricate genetic tools and complex biomathematics to solve critical clinical questions using a drop of blood.

Irvin M. Modlin - Clinical and Scientific Consultant

Irvin M. Modlin, MD, PhD, DSc, an expert in the area of Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) disease, is the Medical Director of Wren Laboratories and is a Clinical Consultant to the testing laboratory. He is formerly the director of the Gastrointestinal Pathobiology Research Group and is now an Emeritus Professor at Yale University. Dr Modlin has studied Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) disease for three decades, authored many of the seminal publications on the subject and has extensive global experience in novel therapeutic and diagnostic advances. His background also includes gastrointestinal surgery, endocrine surgery, endoscopy and gut hormone physiology. With over five hundred peer-reviewed publications and more than thirty years of experience working with neuroendocrine tumor and carcinoid patients, he has recently focused on the development and implementation of novel molecular testing protocols for these cancers.

Mark Kidd - Scientific and Laboratory Director

Mark Kidd, PhD, DABCC has worked and published extensively in the area of Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) disease, and is the Scientific Director of Wren Laboratories. He is credentialed with the American Board of Clinical Chemistry in Molecular Diagnostics to perform and report on molecular-based diagnostic testing. He is also the CLIA-certified Laboratory Director and Technical Consultant for Wren Laboratories (07D2081388). His professional and academic research interests have focused on the biology of neuroendocrine cells and development of tumor models of the disease. Dr. Kidd's publications cover diverse areas including global gene analysis, tissue microarrays, tumor biology, bacterial genetics as well as gastric and pancreatic pathology. Dr. Kidd has more than fifteen years of molecular and cancer biology laboratory experience specifically focused on NETs.