A technician viewing a blot on a fluorescence microscope while another technician is using a pipette.

Investors and Partners

We have been funded to accelerate the development of its proprietary diagnostic tests based on patent-pending gene signature technology. This funding marks the achievement of our NET Molecular Biomarker technology and confirms completion of development milestones, including in situ detection of specific tumor transcripts in blood and tissues, multiplex gene network cluster analysis, and predictive tissue/blood assessment. We can now offer world class assay development expertise in transcript analysis for biomarker validation and companion diagnostic development in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

We partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to validate biomarkers for disease assessment and targeted therapeutic development in cancer and other diseases. These partnerships also provide the foundation for us to develop companion diagnostic/prognostic tests in conjunction with partners’ targeted therapeutics. We also pursue internal programs to develop proprietary diagnostic tests in specific areas of cancer.

Customers are thrilled with the results we have achieved.

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