The NETest®

The NETest is a non-invasive procedure that uses a blood sample to inform your doctor what the activity of your tumor is at the time your blood was drawn. Use of the NETest provides additional information about disease status that is complimentary to imaging and may decrease radiation exposure by decreasing the need for repetitive imaging. NETesting provides an assessment of treatment responses in neuroendocrine tumor patients in conjunction with standard clinical assessment. Interpretation of the test will facilitate identification of active disease and enable a determination of the efficacy of the current treatment modality. NETesting is as easy as having your blood drawn, and provides clinicians and patients with the information to better manage treatment.

Neuroendocrine Disease Testing: A Molecular Diagnostic Tool

When disease recurrence occurs, a series of tests need to be undertaken to identify the location of the disease and to assess the extent and progress. Acquiring this information is critical in defining a new management strategy to prevent the disease from spreading. The NETest represents a molecular measurement of a variety of different gene transcripts in the blood (molecular information) which indicate the biological nature of the tumor and the extent of its progression. In addition, measurement of these values can be used to determine whether new treatment is effective or not. This information is critical both for the physician and the patient. It allows the former to adjust therapy appropriately to better manage the disease and provides the patient with added information to understand, in real-time, the status of their disease. Both clinicians and patients are therefore far better informed and supported. The patient has a more precise understanding of their condition and the clinician has an added tool to gauge the effectiveness of the therapy that is being administered.